Haiti’s Tourism Minister adopts a new slogan

Following a competition launched March 10, 2012, the Ministry of Tourism has selected a new logo and new slogan to be used in a communication campaign to promote Haiti as a tourist destination and put the country on the regional and global tourism map.

Between 10 and March 31, the Ministry of Tourism has received nearly 400 proposals for logos and slogans as part of this contest launched on social networks.
Between 1 and April 8, the public was invited to vote on the mini-competition website

As announced, the Ministry of Tourism has made his choice among the top 50 logos and slogans first 50 who received the most votes on the Internet.

The final choice for the logo was worn on the logo “Choublak” Xavier Delatour.

The logo of Xavier was in competition with the final logos Williamson Dulce who had also caught the attention of the Department.